Matt Haywood

Matt Haywood


I am currently completing an 11 month Internship as a Software Development Engineer Intern at Amazon Web Services in Cambridge. I have completed three years studying for an MEng degree in Electronic and Computer Engineering at The Univeristy of Nottingham. I am a highly enthustiastic, motivated and ambitious student that loves to get stuck into any technology related project. In my spare time I like to build/fly drones, build websites and web applications/servers, 3D print, solder together electronics, complete online courses, engage in photography and have completed many more projects. See projects here.

Key Skills

Research Experience

During Summer 2014, I spent four weeks building and programming a piece of equipment at the University of Nottingham Medical School. The aim of the project was to find a cheaper alternative for a spectrometer in MRI lung imaging. I was tasked with researching different ADC/DAC development modules which would be viable for the project. I eventually settled on the Digilent Analogue Discovery which was well within the budget and met all of the specifications required. I then used MATLAB to program directly to the module to allow a level of customisation required. The project required the module to output a pulsed signal and then receive a very small signal (echo) at a set time delay. I have also programmed a user interface within the MATLAB software which allowed the user to view the spectrum of the signal received and change the parameters for the signal transmission and acquisition. During this experience I learnt about ADC's/DAC, Spectral Analysis, MATLAB and hyper-polarising Xenon gas.

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JavaScript HTML
JQuery Python
Shell Scripting TensorFlow
Matplotlib Pandas
Numpy Qt
OpenCV (Computer Vision)

Areas of Interest

Artificial Intelligence
3D Printing
RF Communications
Swarm Construction Drones


Drone project

During my summer Holiday I decided to build three drones. One which could do autonomous flight, another which could race and another which could lift heavy payloads.

Active BandPass Filter and Amplifier
For my second year project we were tasked with building a doppler radar speed gun. To digitise signal coming out of the randar module an amplifier and filter were designed so that only the signal we were interested in would be digitised.
Haywoods Properties Site
JavaScript Node.js Express.js MongoDB Cheerio

During Last summer I completed a web development course. On completion I wanted to put my new skills to practice by designing my own website which used a database.

Year 2 3D Model Viewer
VTK C++ Qt

During the Year 2 project sessions, we were tasked with designing and building a 3D model viewer using C++, VTK and QT. We were to import a model into the 3d model viewer which was an in house file format similar to the .obj file format.

DSLR Pan and Tilt
Python 3D Printing Soldering Raspberry Pi CAD Design

I 3D printed the parts out to build and develop a system to pan and tilt a DSLR camera. This was done so that a DSLR can be used to create timelapses and hyperlapses. This will also allow it to be used to create a super high definition photo by stitching together hundreds of zoomed in photos together.

GPS Router
After recently buying the ultimate GPS breakout board from Adafruit, I wanted to make a GPS router which would save my routes.
Home Automation Server
Node.js Express.js Npm packages

I decided to build a server which controls most of the smart devices in my house. I decided to do this because most smart devices are not compatible with each other and they require you to go onto different apps to control them. I wanted one place where I could control them from.

Automated Seed Hopper
3D Printing Soldering Arduino

I wanted a way of feeding my parrot automatically, so I designed and built an automated seed Hopper.

Year 1 Team Project
Python C++ OpenCV Arduino Soldering Amplifier Design

During Last summer I completed a web development course. On completion I wanted to put my new skills to practice by designing my own website which used a database.

Personal Storage Site
I wanted a way of having 4TB of cloud storage for free. So I decided to build my own storage website.
Perfect Pooches Website
I developed a small website for a local dog grooming salon.
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Online Courses

Web Development - Udemy
TensorFlow - Udemy
Python 3 - Udemy
Python 2 - Codecademy
Python 2 - Codecademy

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